How to park a car at 85 Jerozolimskie Ave.

Below you will find a map on which areas where you can find free parking spaces and a monitored parking lot is marked. Areas in which it is possible to find a free parking space throughout the whole day have been marked with red lines. Letter P refers to a monitored parking lot, in which there is about 20 free spaces at PLN 4 per hour.

Observations based on around 100 parking situations on weekdays at 85 Jerozolimskie St. :
- there is no problem with parking at this location at any time on weekdays,
- the situation obviously improves towards the afternoon – it is typical for the entire city centre,
- one can park at Jerozolimskie Ave. or at the back, at Nowogrodzka St.,
- from Nowogrodzka, one can take a shortcut to Jerozolimskie Ave. through a large square at 59F Nowogrodzka St. (see the map below),
- parking in this location has never been difficult.

parking spaces

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