A few words about the limited liability company

Limited Liability Company is one of the forms a company can be run.

This type of company is formed by one or more persons for the purpose permitted by law, which not always is an economic goal. Partners are only required to pay services specified in the contract of company
but they are not responsible for its outside responsibilities.

To found a limited liability company an appropriate capital has to be paid.
Its minimum height was determined in the Code of Commercial Companies and from January 8, 2009
is a sum of 5000 PLN. This capital is divided into shares with a nominal value of not less than 50 PLN.

Detailed limited liability company contract is made as a notarial act and contains the following information:
company name, the subject of its activities, the amount of capital, the number of shares which one partner may have, the home city of the company and the duration ( if temporary ) of the company.

Of course, for the better development of the company as an office of the company can be given an address that you will receive from VSL-System Warsaw Virtual Office.

Within six months since the founding partners of the company must make its entry into the National Court Register. From that moment it acquires a legal personality.

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